January 06th, 2016

Stand out with your stationery

Is it really worth getting anything printed these days?

We think so. If you believe the gossip, print has had it's day. It's no longer relevant in our digital age. Yet, we've been hearing these rumours for a while now, and our print providers are still busy. They're bringing us new printing techniques, new substrates and new ways of putting ink onto paper. We're also still placing plenty of work with them. Someone still believes in print!

Just think of the last time you sat at your e-mail inbox. Staring at all those new messages, most of which were a quick finger click away from the spam folder. Digital media is cheap and easy, but with that comes complacency. Print is considered, there's a finite end to the creative process. Is this layout right? Does the design convey my companies brand? Putting print in someone's hand will always connect in a more meaningful way than your latest digital digest will.

Why should I use a graphic designer? Why not go with a big online printer?

The big, TV advertised printers want your work, and they want you to do it for them. That's great if you want to save a bit of money but can you be certain that the logo you've uploaded is going to print correctly? What does your choice of typeface say about you? And don't forget, you'll get a few choices on paper stock but your work is being piled high to sell it that cheap. Along with all of your competitors. Business cards become less stand out, more stuck in a rut.

What will using Octopus Creative offer me?

  • Letterheads printed on both sides
  • Bespoke stationery design

The creative thinking behind your printed stationery and a positive first impression for your business. We can put that new logo design together for you, ensure your companies branding is professional and introduce you to a few nice velvet, gloss, uncoated, recycled or even pearlescent paper stocks if you're feeling bold. You'll also know that the print ready artwork you see on screen will look as good on the final production. No mistakes.

And why not use the other side of that paper? Or flood a colour? A bit of creative thinking can go a long way. Most client's who received our letters in the post knew it was from us before they opened the mail. Why? Our flooded blue paper showed through a DL envelope's address window. Not bad when you're sending invoices to customers!

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