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I-CVUE, Cardiff University

I-CVUE is a Cardiff University incentive for cleaner vehicles in urban europe.

Having secured funding for their project Cardiff University started looking for web designers that could help with the necessary design and coding for a complicated, database driven site. After an initial meeting with Octopus Creative their in-house school of engineering team decided to place the contract with us.

With a structured framework of events in place for delivering the I-CVUE programme, strict deadlines were the first point of discussion. Secondly, the complexity of the database and the necessity for a comprehensive Content Management System (CMS). Could we deliver? Of course, and after a few detailed meetings to outline the project framework we had a clear picture of the website's format.

The CMS was required to handle a hierarchy of complex deliverables (in multiple formats including pdf, Word and Excel), these had to be uploaded by multiple administrators throughtout the EU and some sections required access restrictions dependant on users logging into the site. The project also had to utilise the exisiting brand developed specifically for the I-CVUE project and had to be a mobile friendly web design. All of which we delivered.

The site has enjoyed minimal intervention from us and after the course of it's 3 year period will be amalgamated into Cardiff University's main website.

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