Ford Ranger branding for The Royal Pier in Aberystwyth Advertising the Royal Pier on the go with their smart car
Details of the vehicle graphics on the Royal Pier's smart car Vehicle wrapping on the side of the Pier's Ford ranger

Royal Pier

A popular nightclub, Ceredigion's first 24hr pub, a Brasserie style restaurant and a bustling seaside arcade. A tourist attraction worth telling everyone about.

Although the venue was popular enough with the local residents a little extra marketing would always help engage with any new residents or visiting tourists. And what better way than employing some vehicle graphics (or vehicle wrapping) on the company cars making countless trips around Aberystwyth?

Octopus helped provide the Pier with one of the most cost effective ways of advertising a business. A number of initial creative concepts for their Ford Ranger and Smart car were amended with the close help of the general manager of the Pier. To ensure the vehicle graphics remained consistent with the Royal Pier's branding we specified RAL codes for the final colour choices, ensuring a perfect match to the agreed visuals.

We used a local sign company here in Cardiff to fit the car graphics, that way we made sure the finish was perfect before handing over to our clients.

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